Monday, April 20, 2015

It’s been a rough week for Americans. As the economy continues to tank, 2,200 Walmart workers were laid off under mysterious circumstances that were likely engineered by the government.

However, none of this stopped the Obamas from having a jolly ole time as they were spotted on a family hike. On Sunday, Barack Obama dodged White House reporters who had many questions for him about the recent moves he’s made. Instead of talking to them, the president snuck out of the White House with his wife and daughters to go on a “nature hike.”

According to Daily Mail, the Obama family headed to trails in Great Falls Park, which is located just outside of Washington D.C. White House journalists were left puzzled when they were suddenly sent home for the day with no explanation.


“Obama abruptly left the White House about 15 minutes ago on unscheduled trip. Destination unknown,” tweeted Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau.

Obama’s sudden disappearance caused many journalists to momentarily panic, thinking that some sort of national emergency had occurred. They quickly learned that Obama had actually just snuck out because he thought there was “no news” this weekend.


Despite the Walmart controversy, Obama managed to dodge the press for the entire weekend. He spent all of Saturday golfing at Joint Base Andrews.

Obama can run all he wants to, but he definitely can’t hide forever. Eventually, all of his mistakes will catch up to him, and he will need to answer for everything that he has done.

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