Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rock legend Neil Young has just risked his career by slamming a company that is very close to Michelle Obama’s heart.

Monsanto is a giant agri-business that promotes questionable genetically modified seeds. This in turn affects many items available at grocery stores across the country. Since their food is downright dangerous, Monsanto is a political powerhouse that focuses on bribing politicians with tens of millions of dollars every year.

Michelle Obama works closely with Monsanto on her school lunch plan, and turns a blind eye to their sketchy practices so that she can make more money:

The popular agriculture company Monsanto is partnering with First Lady Michelle Obama to promote nutritional foods for kids. According to reports from the Associated Press, Monsanto will spend $50 million over five years on a campaign to market ‘healthy’ genetically modified food to children. The agrochemical company will also bring its food offerings for kids in line with the new federal standards for labeling and nutrition.

It’s ironic that Michelle is so obsessed with “healthy” lunches while she is feeding our children this dangerous food.

Rock legend Neil Young is so enraged by Michelle Obama and Monsanto that he has titled his latest album “The Monsanto Years.” The album is devoted to exposing just how bad Monsanto is in the hopes that the company will get shut down.

Considering what the Obamas do to people who defy them, this is a very risky move. We applaud Neil Young for being brave enough to take on Monsanto and try to save our children from Michelle Obama.

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