Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Just a few weeks ago, Tommy Connelly was a normal, 23 year-old college student. However, in the space of just seven days, his life changed forever.

It all started when he received a Facebook message from his 17 year-old cousin, Angela. Over the past few years, Angela had suffered several tragedies and turned to a life of addiction that eventually led to her dropping out of school and becoming both homeless and pregnant. She reached out to Tommy in desperation, not knowing where else to turn.

Tommy instantly knew he had to help. He took Angela into his home and legally adopted her. Less than a week later, she gave birth to a baby boy while Tommy worked on his homework in the hospital waiting room.

Now, Tommy is working full time to support his growing family of three. Despite the fact that his life has changed forever, he says he has no regrets.

“It’s not her fault,” Tommy said of his cousin. “She’s just a little girl who needed help.”

Even though his story has gone viral, Tommy has remained a humble young man.

“I know what I’ve done is a really good thing, but I feel guilty I’m getting all this attention,” he said. “If it’s one or two years of my life I have to put on hold, to make sure two lives are going to be saved, it’s nothing at all.”

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