Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A South Carolina family thought they could save money by buying a $225 couch off the ad site Craigslist, but they turned out getting a whole lot more than they bargained for from it.

Katie Johns and her husband bought the couch from a man known online as “Rich,” but as soon as they brought it home, they knew something was wrong. Johns and her son started noticing small red patches on their bodies, so they went straight to the doctor’s office. There, they made a creepy discovery: they were being eaten alive by bed bugs.

“When I feel a tickle on my arm, like maybe the hair on my arm moves or I have a little itchy spot, I immediately think that I have a bug crawling on me,” Katie Johns told reporters.


The Johns family hired exterminators to come find the source of the problem, and as soon as they walked in the house, they knew where the bed bugs were coming from.

“When the exterminators came and they actually pulled the couch apart, it was immediately clear that the couch … was infested,” Johns said.

Unfortunately, by the time the exterminators got there, the bed bugs had already spread throughout the home. The family has since had to turn their home upside down. So far it has cost them over $3,000, and that number will likely continue to grow.


Katie Johns says that she continues to find bed bugs to this day, but they’re typically either dead or dying. She says that she doesn’t want a refund for the couch, she just wants others to be forewarned before making purchases on craigslist.

“In fact, my husband said as he was picking up the couch, there was a couple coming in to pick up a bedroom suite,” Johns said. “The fact that he’s possibly continuing to do this infuriates me.”

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