Thursday, April 9, 2015

This bubbly former cheerleader may just become your next First Lady.

Since Kentucky Senator Rand Paul recently announced his intentions to run for president, his wife Kelley Paul has been thrust into the national spolight, and Americans are already falling in love with her to the point where she is already being called the “secret weapon” in her husband’s campaign.

Kelley is a small town girl who was a bubbly, blonde cheerleader in high school. She then traded in her pom poms for books when she attended Rhodes College and studied English.


“Kelley was very bubbly and vivacious,” her former roommate, Blair Norman, told Daily Mail. “She was friendly and open, and very keen to experience college and meet new people.”

In school, she met her six best friends who she is still close to to this day. The women recently teamed up to write a memoir about their lives entitled True and Constant Friends, which is due in stores next week.


After college, she met Rand Paul at a backyard oyster roast, and the two fell in love very quickly. Kelley remembers that she was first drawn to Paul when a deck collapsed at the party, and he jumped to attend to injured guests. They went on to have three boys together, which came as a bit of a heartbreak to Kelley, who had always dreamed of having a daughter.


“When I was younger, the thought of not being able to mother a little girl, to share the treasures I had loved and saved from my own childhood – the Barbies, ballet costumes, and Little House on the Prairie books – sometimes made me feel a bit wistful,” she writes in her book.


With her boys now 21, 18, and 15 respectively, Kelley is now free to turn her attentions to her husband’s political career. Though she is a bit reluctant to be in the spotlight (she has said she prefers small town life), she believes in her husband’s message. Paul has been upfront on the influence she has over his career.

“Kelly is always the first reviewer I seek for my speeches and articles, and she always makes them better,” he wrote in the forward of his book.


With Kelley on his side, Paul might just make it to the White House after all. She would certainly be a much better First Lady than Michelle Obama!

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