Monday, April 27, 2015

This may look like a normal highway overpass, but it’s actually quite unusual.

While it is indeed a bridge, it’s not used for human traffic. Instead, this bridge was built for animals. It’s a wildlife crossing that allows animals to cross the highway safely.

The bridge in the picture above was built in Florida, where there are several endangered species like the panther.


Bridges like this are being built all over the world as protection for both humans and animals. When a car hits an animal, it not only kills the animal, it also is extremely dangerous for the human driving the car. An astounding $8 billion goes towards damages for drivers who are forced to swerve so they can avoid hitting the animal.

The first bridge like this was built in France in the 1950s. Other countries like Switzerland, German, and the Netherlands quickly built bridges like this as well. They have since been helping keep both animals and humans safe all over the world.

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