Monday, April 27, 2015

On a flight from Denver to Salt Lake City this week, Chad Hurst asked a young punk to stop playing on his skateboard. The young thug didn’t take this well, and their fight continued into the airport after they landed.

Surveillance footage from the Salt Lake City International Airport shows the fight escalate until the boy suddenly punches Hurst in the stomach. Unfortunately for the young punk, Hurst previously worked as a corrections officer, so he was trained to deal with situations like this.

He quickly used his training to take the thug down in seconds.

“In a former life I was a corrections officer about 10 years ago and my training was to never punch back,” Hurst recounted, according to The Blaze. “It was to control the situation and to take the person down.”

Police rushed to the scene and arrested the young skateboarder for assault and public intoxication. Hurst was then allowed to continue on with his travel day in peace.

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