Friday, April 24, 2015

A newly-surfaced dashcam video from 2012 shows a Texas man flee police on a motorcycle, but it doesn’t end well for him.

The video shows the suspect, Steven Gaydos, stop his motorcycle and raise his hands in surrender after leading police on a 40 mile chase at 130 miles per hour. When he gets of his bike, Texas State Trooper Abraham Martinez wasn’t taking any chances that he would try to escape again.

Watch as Martinez takes the thug down with a swift karate kick that came out of nowhere.

Though his fellow officers applauded him, Martinez was chastised by his bosses and was suspended for three days without pay for his “unconventional moves” that were “inconsistent with his training.”

Now, liberals are demanding a change of policy based on this video. While the move was brutal, viewers should remember that this was after the thug had led the police on a dangerous 40 mile chase at high speeds.

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