Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Four years ago, network executive Rob Sharenow left the A&E channel for a top job at Lifetime. Now, he has been lured back with an even better job: head of the network.

During his previous tenure at A&E, Sharenow was mostly known for developing the hit reality show Duck Dynasty and helping to make it the success it is today. When asked about the future of the show, he was honest about what he believes will happen.

“It’s still the leader in that kind of family docu-series and a lot of the others have tried,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “Could it be like First 48 and go 12 years? I don’t know, and I can’t speak for the family, but I don’t think they’d see it going [five more years].”

He also revealed why there has been no spinoff shows of the franchise.

“Candidly, A&E did try and go there [with copycats]. I think a lot of the shows that didn’t work over the past few years have been chasing Duck Dynasty unsuccessfully,” he revealed. “There was a bunch of stuff that was put in development and [ordered to] series that just didn’t work that were trying to capture that magic.”

Asked to clarify whether the Robertsons will ever do a spinoff, he answered with a definitive “no.”

“We’ve been pretty disciplined about this kind of thing, and I think the family is the same,” he continued. “You want it to have a point, and when your comparative is a massive show, you’ve really got to be doing something different, and that’s a high standard. A&E has done a good job over the years resisting that temptation.”

We can only hope that Duck Dynasty continues for many years to come. We sure aren’t tired of it yet!

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