Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In 2,500 B.C., a small settlement called Skara Brae was mysteriously abandoned by it’s inhabitants. It remained untouched on the Orkney Isles of Scotland until the 1850s, when archaeologists finally discovered it.

You won’t believe what is behind the door pictured above.


Behind the stony door lies an entire village that has been preserved by sand for thousands of years.


The ruins are older than Stonehenge, and is arguably better preserved than Pompeii.


The small settlement consists of seven rooms, each containing a fireplace, two beds and a shelving unit, which was likely used for storage. Each of the dwellings was separated by a series of stone tunnels and were closed off with a heavy stone door.



The most amazing part of the discovery is the settlement’s elaborate plumbing system. Each home has a toilet connected to an archaic yet functioning plumbing system.


Historians believed the settlement was inhabited for 700 years before it was mysteriously abandoned. While it is not a tourist attraction, it is definitely worth a visit!

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