Thursday, April 2, 2015

This man was able to turn some leftover cement, some light bulbs, and a piece of plywood into something useful.


Using a pair of pliers, he removed the plastic indicator and the inside of the lightbulb before pouring leftover cement into the empty, burned out lightbulb. Then while the cement cures, he put a screw in the bottom of the bulb keeping it in place with cardboard.



He then waited overnight for the cement to dry and harden. When it was ready, he broke the glass, revealing a cement bulb.


But he wasn’t done yet.


After all of this, he took two pieces of scrap wood and nailed them together to form a T-shape after he sanded them down. He then put some holes in the bottom board and put some holes in so that he could screw the cement bulb into place.

The result of all of this was a beautiful and unique coatrack!


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