Thursday, April 9, 2015

Just before New Years Day, 17 year-old Patrick Sullivan died in a horrific car crash. His death threw the town of Rockland, Massachusetts into mourning, and the small community came together to support each other.

After the boy’s wake, 22 of his friends headed to the local 99 restaurant to remember their dear friend. When they later asked for their bill, they got the surprise of their lives.

They were touched to see that a local police officer had paid the entire $400 bill for them out of his own pocket.

Sgt. Greg Pigeon wanted to remain anonymous, but word quickly got around the town that it was him that had done this good deed. Though $400 is quite a lot of money, especially with a police officer’s salary, Pigeon just wanted to help out where he could. As a lifetime resident of Rockland, he was feeling the loss of Sullivan too.

We need more people like this cop!

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