Thursday, April 23, 2015

Shatanya Arielette Beasley was having lunch at an Applebee’s in Charlotte, North Carolina last Wednesday when she found something in her food that she never expected.

Beasley found a cricket inside her meal, and she immediately complained to a restaurant manager. The manager gave Beasley a free meal, and you would think it would end there: but then something happened that was even worse.

Beasley accidentally left her wallet at the table, and when the manager picked it up, he found that she had a bag of crickets inside. An employee rushed outside and copied down Beasley’s license plate number before calling the police.


Days later, Beasley was arrested for felony obtaining property by false pretense. She was released at the end of the day on $2,500 bail, and she returned to the Applebee’s to pay her tab. After she paid, the manager dropped all the charges against her.

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