Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two weeks after 78 year-old Tona Herdon lost her husband of 60 years, a shocking crime occurred at his gravesite that left a nation both stunned and enraged.

While standing at her husband’s grave in tears, Tona was mugged by a young thug who stole her purse and $700. The man was eventually caught, and his mugshot was plastered all over American news stations across the country.

When 15 year-old Christian Lunsford saw the news segment, he immediately knew the man was his estranged father who had left him after his parents divorced when he was two years-old.

Though he had barely heard from his father since then, two weeks before his dad’s arrest Christian received $250 from him for a much anticipated band trip. When the boy realized where the money had come from, he reached out to Tona and asked to meet her in a local church parking lot. There, he apologized for his father’s actions and gave her back the money.

Tona accepted his apology, but then she did something that nobody expected: she gave him the $250 back so that he could go on his band trip after all. This video truly does show the healing power of forgiveness.

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