Tuesday, April 28, 2015

As one of the hosts of The Five, Andrea Tantaros is one of the most respected women on Fox News. This makes her latest choice of boyfriends a bit surprising to say the least.

Tantaros, 36, is reportedly dating 47 year-old Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, a hardcore rocker known for his romantic escapades with Carmen Electra.


“Even though they seem like opposites, they have a lot in common,” an insider commented, according to Daily Mail. “They both have a wicked sense of humor and share a love of politics and dark eyeliner.”


Tantaros and Navarro have apparently been dating since they met through a mutual friend a few months ago. They have since been seen kissing all over New York City. Just days ago, they were spotted out on a romantic stroll.


Navarro has been married three times, most notably to Carmen Electra from 2003 to 2007. Tantaros has never been married.

While we definitely didn’t see this coming, we support this if it makes Tantaros happy!

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