Friday, May 22, 2015

Barack Obama prides himself on being a staple in the black community. This black pastor, however, isn’t having any of it.

While speaking at the All The Land United Holy World Missionary Church in New York, Dr. James David Manning launched into a rant in which he verbally destroyed Obama’s late mother, Ann Durham. The pastor called Durham “white trash” and slammed her for her sordid, promiscuous past.

This is not the first time Manning has attacked Obama’s parents. He has previously criticized Barack Obama Sr. for purposely seeking out one of the “trashier” white women in Durham.

“It is common knowledge that African men, coming from the continent of Africa—especially for the first time—do diligently seek out white women to have sexual intercourse with. Generally the most noble of white society choose not to intercourse sexually with these men,” the pastor said. “So it’s usually the trashier ones who make their determinations that they’re going to have sex.”

Manning has been known to make controversial comments that get liberals riled up. He has also made controversial comments about the black community itself.

“Black people do not deserve a black president, because young black men feel that they are owed government benefits because their ancestors were slaves, instead of going out and accomplishing something in life,” he said.

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