Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kenneth Hansen, owner of a construction business in Central Michigan, was hard at work on a home on Monday when he suddenly heard the desperate screams of a small boy. Instead of staying put, Hansen immediately took action.

Hansen jumped a fence into a neighboring yard where he found 8 year-old Ethan Nokes terrified and surrounded by four vicious Rottweiler dogs.

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“I tried to keep my body between the dogs and him … and they were yanking on him trying to get him away from me,” Hansen recounted, according to Daily Mail. “They were pulling on him in every direction. In another 30 seconds they would have torn him up.”

Police say that Nokes was familiar with the dogs, but they turned on him while he was playing outside at a relative’s house with his brother. The boy suffered 22 bites, bruises and scratches, and his leg may be broken. He was treated at a local hospital, and doctors say he will likely make a full recovery.

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Hansen was miraculously uninjured in the rescue. Nokes’ mother, Doris Gifford, is extremely grateful to Hansen for saving her son’s life.

“They were out to kill him, no question,” Gifford told the press. “If they hadn’t have been there … I would have one less son.”

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“I think that God put him there for a reason I have absolute faith in that,” the mother added. “I don’t know. I don’t have any other explanation other than it’s God’s timing and that’s how things work.”

Animal Control currently has custody of the dogs, and they may be euthanized. The local prosecutor is currently reviewing the case and will soon decide whether charges will be placed on the dog owners.

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