Thursday, May 21, 2015

Andrea Tantaros has found major success at Fox as a cohost on the hit show The Five. However, she clearly was not so happy with her previous employer, as she has filed a major lawsuit against them.

Tantaros has filed a lawsuit against Talk Radio Network, which previously hosted her morning talk show, claiming they defrauded and breached her contract. She said she filed the suit partly because they left her “with a nearly staff-less show that could only book ‘‘C-list’ quality guests.’”

“TRN’s dire financial troubles have unfortunately affected its ability to uphold multiple contact responsibilities to Ms. Tantaros,” the conservative star’s lawyer, Joseph Cane, told TheWrap, adding that Tantaros “has fulfilled the duties of her contract for the past two months while TRN has kept her in the dark, fired her staff, and the staff at TRN necessary to sell the show to advertisers.”

According to Mediaite, Tantaros claims that TRN’s CEO Mark Masters made several false statements to her when he recruited her to host the show. She said they promised to invest millions in the show, and failed to tell her about an ongoing lawyer with one of their syndicators.

The suit reads in part:

“Plaintiff Tantaros found herself in a situation wherein she no longer had a competent executive producer, a full-time call screener, a paid assistant, or a sound effects manager, and further, had either no guests or only decidedly ‘C-list’ quality guests, was provided with no research for the third-rate guests that were booked for the Tantaros Show, a lack of sufficient research for the topics at hand, provided with no editorial guidance, and she was expected by Defendant TRN to basically produce her own show.”

In addition, Tantaros claims that she is still owed “several” salary payments. Tantaros represents a major loss for the network, as her show was the seventh-ranked radio talk show in the U.S.

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