Thursday, May 21, 2015

Republicans are eagerly awaiting the 2016 election in the hopes that we can finally get a member of the GOP back in office. Come August 6, the race will heat up as tons of Republicans will be running for president.

According to Mediaite, the first Republican debate will be broadcast live on Fox and will be moderated by Bret Baier,Megyn Kelly, and Chris Wallace. While there will likely be many Republicans running for president that will want to participate, the network has just made a controversial announcement that will undoubtedly leave some of them devastated.

Fox has announced that they will only allow the top 10 candidates “in an average of the five most recent national polls” to participate in the debate. If there is a tie for tenth place, more candidates will be added.

The network added that the additional candidates will be receiving “additional coverage and airtime” on the day of the debate.

While this will be very disappointing to the candidates who don’t make the cut, it will make things less chaotic for the candidates who are more likely to win the race. The Republicans need to focus on doing everything they can to win this election, so if this will help them do it, we totally support it!

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