Thursday, May 7, 2015

Five years ago, Samantha Jenkins was a normal “vibrant, happy and fun-loving”19 year-old girl in the U.K. Unfortunately, in the spring of that year she began experiencing violent fits and headaches, and she died in the hospital on June 3, 2011.

Doctors said that Samantha’s brain had been deprived of oxygen, but they couldn’t figured out what caused her to collapse and fall into a coma. Samantha’s mother Maria Morgan, however, thinks she knows what happened, and she’s bringing the case before a Coroner’s Court in Swansea to see if her daughter’s death was caused from chewing bubblegum.

After her daughter died, Maria found that her daughter’s room was littered with gum wrappers. She then remembered that her daughter often chewed at least fourteen sticks of gum a day.

“I looked through my daughter’s bags, drawers, and bedroom and I found hundreds of sugar-free Trident wrappers and receipts with several packets of chewing gum on them,” Maria said, according to Infowars.

Maria admits that at first she thought her theory was “ridiculous,” but she eventually mentioned it to doctors, who believed that Samantha had been “poisoned.”

“From the time Sam went into hospital on the Friday evening till they turned her machines off Monday evening, the doctors, neurosurgeons and numerous consultants were baffled as to what had caused all her salts to be so dangerously low, and convinced she had been poisoned,” the mother said. “The continuous fitting had caused her brain to swell, causing her to have a brain stem death. She never regained consciousness.”

After conducting an autopsy, officials found multiple wads of gum in Samantha’s stomach. Doctors believe this contributed to malabsorption of nutrients.

While a pathologist told the court he had never seen such an intense reaction to gum, he admitted that it is not impossible.

“There is very little evidence. There is only two case reports about weight loss. No one has actually died as a result of chewing gum. I think there is a potential for this much chewing gum to cause this problem, but it’s not hard fact,” said Dr. Paul Griffiths.

Research has found that the artificial sweetener aspartame, which is found in nearly every type of gum, can cause cancer, at least in laboratory animals.

“In a two-year study conducted by the manufacturer of aspartame, twelve of 320 rats fed a normal diet and aspartame developed brain tumors while none of the control rats developed tumors, and five of the twelve tumors were in rats given a low dose of aspartame,” reported Dr. Joseph Mercola.

In fact, the dangers of aspartame were so high that it took the FDA over 20 years to approve it after it’s many of it’s own researchers said that the risk of it causing brain tumors was too high.

Maria says she just wants to find justice for her daughter, and to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else again.

“My daughter was a vibrant, happy, fun-loving 19-year-old who had her whole life ahead of her,” Maria lamented. “I just want answers for my beautiful little girl so that we as a family can finally have closure and that maybe the public response could mean changes in awareness of these additives, warning on packets and educating families on the dangers of these additives.”

“She had no idea whatsoever that she was slowly killing herself,” she added. “The last four years have been a living hell on earth, waiting for answers.”

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