Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jeffrey Wright is a physics teacher at Louisville Male High School whose unique and exciting teaching style has made him the most popular teacher at the school.

Nobody is ever bored in Wright’s physics class. Students watch him create fireballs, explode pumpkins, and do other crazy things that make them love science. However, it isn’t just his unusual classroom style that makes students love him.

“It makes me feel like he really cares about me. And I know he does,” one students says. “He’s a good man and he will go out of his way for you.”

Wright understands that his students have lives outside of school, and he advocates for them on a regular basis. Students come to him with a variety of issues including teen pregnancies, parental abuse, and abortion.

“That’s why one-size fits all doesn’t work [in school],” Wright said, adding that he knows that home life often presents it’s challenges as well.

We need more teachers like this man!

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