Friday, May 8, 2015

A few weeks ago, we reported a story about Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner issuing a challenge to Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson.

Now, Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner took on another member of the Robertson clan when she got in a tiff with Sadie’s mom, Korie Robertson. It started when Kris implied that Korie was a bad mother. “I raised my girls right,” Kris added.


With the gauntlet thrown down, we decided to figure out who indeed is the better mother here, and the answer was obvious.

First of all, Korie’s marriage is far stronger than Kris’s. Korie is still madly in love with Willie Robertson, who she married 23 years ago.


Kris, meanwhile, has been divorced twice. She cheated on first husband Robert Kardashian, father of four of her children, with a man a fraction of her age. She then married Bruce Jenner, who she is now becoming a woman.


Kris has made it clear that she despises Bruce and is now dating a man who is younger than her two oldest daughters.


Through her relationships with men, Kris has shown her children by example to have no respect for the sanctity of marriage. When looking at her cheating and sexual escapades, it’s no surprise that so many of Kris’s children ended up with zero morals. Meanwhile, Korie has raised her children to respect marriage and love their partner, and it shows in how her children behave today.


The women also have vastly different parenting styles. While Korie encourages her children, Kris exploits them. Kris is a proud momager who encourages her daughters to pose nude and make sex tapes to earn money for their family.

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In contrast, Korie always makes sure her children puts God first, and she recently took Sadie to a Christian Women’s concert, which shows where her priorities are.


In the end, Kris is selfish while Korie is selfless. Kris uses her fame and fortune to help herself, while Korie uses her celebrity to help others. Kris has raised children who have no respect for themselves or anyone else, while Korie’s children are kind to everyone and always go with God.

I think it’s clear who raised their children right here, Kris…

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