Friday, May 8, 2015

Liberals are outraged after The Jefferson Davis Parish Police Jury passed an ordinance making it illegal for anyone to appear in public wearing pants that sag below the waist. They also made it illegal for the pants to expose any skin or undergarments.

The ordinance first came up in January of 2014, when police juror Steve Eastman asked the panel to ban saggy pants in the courthouse. He did this after receiving many complaints about a “visual bombardment” of saggy pants and exposed undergarments in the courthouse.

Juror Byron Buller took this request a step further and proposed that they ban anyone from wearing saggy pants in public, saying that this might limit indecent and rude behavior.

Now, those caught violating this law will be fined $50 for their first offense and $100 for all subsequent offenses.

Liberals are saying that this ban is a “racist” attempt to limit the fashion choices of African Americans. We, however, are hoping the ban goes national!

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