Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A few weeks ago, we reported that McDonald’s suddenly announced that they would be closing 700 stores across the country in the wake of a massive drop in sales. Now, they have announced a series of changes that they hope will help them get customers back.

According to Market Watch, McDonald’s has announced that they are planning to simplify their menu and readjust their prices. Executives say they will be beefing up mid-priced menu items with various products that cost between $1.50 and $3. This will mean the McDonald’s menu will now have items that cost more than those on the Dollar Menu but less than regular menu items.

McDonald’s will now only display their top-selling items on the drive-thru menu outside their restaurants. They believe this will help to speed up orders and make customers feel less confused.

The fast food company also announced plans to add a McChicken sandwich with leaf lettuce and tomato. They will also be adding a double burger with leaf lettuce and tomato for about $1.50, which is up from the current price of $1.19-$1.39.

These changes are being made in the wake of a “retail apocalypse” that is currently plaguing our country. National outlets like Radio Shack and Walgreens have been forced to shut down thousands of stores as sales continue to drop dramatically.

If something is not done quickly, we could find ourselves in yet another recession. Thanks, Obama!

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