Wednesday, May 20, 2015

While her husband is busty spending as many of our tax dollars as he can, Michelle Obama has released a new video in a pathetic attempt to make herself look intimidating to her “haters.”

Michelle tweeted the video to the president today, and it shows her working out with her personal trainer, Cornell McClellan. The footage shows off her fitness routine, and is meant to be a part of her infamous “Let’s Move” campaign.

Specifically, the video is her new “Gimmie Five” initiative in which she has challenged celebrities as well as ordinary Americans to show off five ways that they stay active. “Gimmie Five” has had minimal success at best.

Earlier this week, Barack Obama posted a “Gimmie Five” video of his own in which he was shown running in a suit and drinking water with Joe Biden. The video didn’t even go viral, as it garnered a measly 3,000 retweets in five days.

The most pathetic part of Michelle’s video is definitely the ending, when she is shown trying to drink water in a sexy, sultry way. Clearly trying to look beautiful, instead all she accomplished was making viewers uncomfortable.

Some are accusing Michelle of trying to look “intimidating” in the video by showing off her kickboxing skills. Perhaps she’s tired of all of us Republicans making fun of her, so she wants to show us what a “tough girl” she is.

Give it up, Michelle, we don’t find you intimidating at all!

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