Wednesday, May 13, 2015

For weeks now, we have been reporting on Operation Jade Helm, a military training exercise that is set to take place in Texas this summer.

The training exercise will involve troops “wearing civilian clothes and driving civilian vehicles” to blend in with “civilian populations.” The operation lists Utah and Texas as “hostile territory,” likely because these are two of the most conservative states in the country.

Many have connected the operation to the mysterious Walmart closings, and have also said that it is a dry run for martial law.

Now, Special Forces out of Fort Bragg have been spotted training with SWAT officers in Richland County, South Carolina this week for house to house raids. The late night and pre-dawn exercises, which involve the 3rd Special Forces Group out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, have been going on since May 8 and will come to an end on Friday.

Alarming video footage shows law enforcement conducting house to house raids and arresting people at gunpoint. According to Infowars, residents in the area have been warned that they may see military vehicles and “hear ordinance being set off or shots being fired.”

Sheriff Leon Lott told the press that “Deputies will provide simulated scenarios for the military,” while Richmond County will provide, “an ideal location for training that cannot be replicated at Fort Bragg.”

This is yet another disturbing sign of the militarization of law enforcement. Over the past few weeks, footage has been shot in California and Fort Lauderdale of other military drills that indicate the government is preparing for martial law.

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