Wednesday, May 13, 2015

President Obama spoke openly on Wednesday about his desire to censor Fox News.

Speaking at a summit about poverty, the president reportedly said, “We’re going to have to change how the media reports on these issues.”

He continued, “I think that the effort to suggest that the poor are sponges, leeches, don’t want to work, are lazy, are undeserving, got traction. And look, it’s still being propagated. I have to say that if you watch Fox News on a regular basis, it is a constant venue.”

The president said, “They’re all like, ‘I don’t want to work. I just want a free Obama Phone, or whatever.’ And that becomes an entire narrative that gets worked up.”

Obama continued to talk about the underprivileged as though he cares about them, even though the policies that his administration has put in place have done nothing to allow these people to improve themselves.

Besides, the president knows very little about being poor. The Conservative Tribune reported:

Obama grew up attending private schools in Honolulu while living with his rich grandparents and personal nanny. He also had the advantage of higher education, attending both the prestigious colleges of Columbia and Harvard (H/T Breitbart).

As usual, Obama made no attempt at bipartisanship on this subject and actually blamed Republicans and conservative news outlets for contributing to the problem.

To him, the poor are nothing more than game pieces to be used and manipulated to achieve his greater agenda.

It should come as no surprise that Obama is trying to silence that only media outlet that dares to question him.

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