Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Obama has fallen to a new low this week as he begged for his minions to send him as little as $5 to halt Republican’s plans to impeach him.

A letter Obama sent to one of his followers is going viral this week, and it shows just how desperate Obama has become to stop the growing impeachment movements against him.

Drew — I’ll be frank:

I’m fighting every day to move our country forward, but Republicans in Congress have blocked me every step of the way.

They’ve voted to repeal health care. They’ve blocked my executive nominations. They’ve even threatened to impeach me.

So Drew, I’m asking for a quick favor:

In 24 hours, we face a crucial fundraising deadline. I need your help to hold House Republicans accountable for their obstructionist tactics.

We need 97 more people from Massachusetts. Will you chip in $5?

Thank you,

Barack Obama

Totally pathetic…

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