Monday, May 18, 2015

Barack Obama loves nothing more than spending our hard-earned tax dollars on as much as he can. He was up to his old tricks again this week, when it was revealed that he will be spending $250,000 to make Morocco “green.”

The quarter-million dollar endeavor is called the Green Entrepreneurship Morocco, and it’s aim is to support Morroco’s efforts to build a green economy on our dime. This will involve developing solutions to the Northern African nation’s environmental issues involving things like waste management, recycling, and energy efficiency.

If the endeavor meets their goal, they will create many green jobs that can have a positive impact on their economy. Here’s a brief excerpt from their official announcement:

“Morocco has set a goal of becoming a good example of sustainable developments in the Mediterranean region by 2020, with an emphasis on creating green jobs in: renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, environmental and natural resource management and improvement in environmental technologies. Morocco’s green grown strategy focuses on three major areas: energy security, food security and environmental security.”

While this may sound sweet, it’s ridiculous that Obama is spending $250,000 of our tax dollars to help another country “go green” when here in America we are struggling ourselves. Obama’s already spending enough of our money on his family’s own extravagant lifestyle, does he really need to spend more of it??

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