Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It’s no secret that Obama is obsessed with power, but this is just ridiculous.

New reports reveal that Obama and his minions have launched a plan to steal the 2016 election by urging legal immigrants to the U.S. to become registered voters.

“Almost all of them will vote Democrat, so you can see the motivation there,” Tucker Carlson said this week on Fox & Friends. 

Former Justice Department official J. Christian Adams agreed, saying that Obama is trying to ensure that a Democrat comes to power in 2016 so that all of his ridiculous policies are not immediately abolished.

“What they’re doing is a full-court press on getting these aliens — 9 million of them — registered as citizens in time for the 2016 election,” he claimed. “They are redirecting resources of DHS to this effort, this campaign.”

In addition, an internal DHS Task Force memo blatantly admitted that this move was being done for political purposes.

Sadly, everything that he is doing is legal, so it will be very difficult to stop Obama and his goons from stealing the next election. All we can do is expose this plan to as many Americans as we can in the hopes that he won’t get away with it!

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