Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sasha Obama is a bit of a mystery to the American pubic. While her older sister is often in the spotlight, Sasha is typically kept behind closed doors and very few details are revealed about her life.

This may be due in part to a series health scare she suffered as a baby that nearly killed her. President Obama recently opened up about Sasha’s battle with meningitis when she was just three months-old.

After noticing terrifying symptoms in baby Sasha, Michelle and Barack rushed her to a Chicago hospital, where a litany of tests were performed on the child.


“The doctors did a terrific job,” Obama said, “but, frankly, it was the nurses that were there with us when she had to get a spinal tap, and all sorts of things that were just bringing me to tears.”

It’s particularly telling that Sasha received a spinal tap, which is an incredibly dangerous procedure that is very rarely performed on infants. If the subject moves even a little bit during a spinal tap, they may end up paralyzed for life, so the procedure is only done in extreme circumstances.

Thirteen years later, Sasha does not appear to show any symptoms of her meningitis. However, perhaps after coming so close to losing her forever, the Obamas keep an even closer eye on their youngest child.

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