Monday, May 11, 2015

This past Saturday, Sadie Robertson spoke at the Reaching Unchurched Students for Him ministries event in Meansville, Georgia, and her speech quite literally changed lives.

After hearing what Sadie, 17, had to say, over 900 unchurched students committed their lives to Christ on the spot.

RUSH ministries, which was founded by Marc Pritchett, hosts this conference once a year. On Saturday, around 6,500-7,000 people attended, and Pritchett says that 925 of them committed their lives to Christ afterwards.

“The nature of [the] event, whether it be concerts, celebrities, games, or other things that we do, are all aimed at getting those kids in the community, or in the world if you will, not in the church necessarily, but to get the church friends to bring the students that may never walk into a church,” RUSH Ministries’ co-founder explained to The Christian Post.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 5.04.24 PM

Pritchett went on to explain that the events of the conference serve to “temper” young people’s hearts to open for Christ.

“They realize not only is being a Christian fun, not only is it cool, but also, eternal hope is sandwiched within all that stuff,” said Pritchett. “I think that’s probably the reason why we see so many kids come to Christ rather than at a Christian festival – we reach them first, if that makes sense. Then we present the Gospel. They let their guard down a little bit, and when the Gospel is preached, it does what it does. No one can take credit for that except certainly Jesus. We speak that out and it goes out and is received.”

Sadie appeared to enjoy her time at the conference, and she shared a photo of herself and Christian rapper Lecrae along with the caption, “we are getting LeCraezy in Georgia.”


RUSH was clearly grateful to Sadie for all the help she did for their event.

“Such an amazing weekend with Lecrae, Kristian Stanfill, Sadie Robertson, March Pritchett, Building 429 and Tony Nolan,” RUSH Ministries wrote in a post on Facebook. “Thank you Jesus.”

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