Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A new “challenge” has swept the nation, but this one is sure to make you sick.

It’s called the “Eric Sheppard Challenge,” named after a Black Panther thug who is wanted by police in Georgia after they found his gun on a school campus during a protest. He has yet to be caught.

While this horrific challenge has been embraced by race-baiters all over the country, many African Americans are horrified by this ridiculous challenge.

After hearing about the challenge, internet personality “Aunt Boo” made a video in which she slammed the thugs who are stomping on American flags.

“So you asked me my opinion about the new thing that’s going viral, about people stomping on the American flag, disrespecting the American flag,” Aunt Boo said. “If you don’t like America, if you don’t want to be here … ain’t nobody stopping you — get your passport, pack your bags and be gone!”

She added that stomping on the American flag accomplishes nothing, and that if these thugs actually did leave the country, they would soon realize how good we have it here.

“You ain’t got to sit over here and disrespect our flag, go on over there somewhere and play with some monkeys,” Aunt Boo said. “Swinging from some trees, be Tarzan, I don’t care, get on up out of here!”

What do you think about what Aunt Boo had to say? Let us know in the comments section.

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