Friday, May 8, 2015

After six years of having Michelle Obama for a first lady, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to have a beautiful, classy woman who knows what she’s talking about being the face of our country.

Queen Rania of Jordan has reminded the whole world of what an elegant female leader really is.

While Barack Obama took forever to say anything remotely bad about ISIS, Michelle basically hasn’t even mentioned them at all. Instead, she prefers to use her power to party with her celebrity friends and tell us how to raise our children while she ignores her own daughters.

Queen Rania, however, could not be more different than Michelle. She actually cares about her people, and is using her power to try to make life better for them and save them from radical Islamists.

During an address to the people of Jordan a few months ago, Queen Rania said education policies in the Middle East need to be changed in order to eliminate “the ideology of hate and terrorism.”

“Islam is our responsibility. Our identity is our responsibility,” said the queen about the need to defeat ISIS both militarily and ideologically.

She made these comments just days after a Jordanian pilot was burned alive by ISIS. At this point, the Obamas wouldn’t even admit that he was killed by radical Muslims.

While the Obamas are focused on their own lavish lifestyles, Queen Rania is on a mission. She has a plan to take out radical Islam from the ground up, and she knows exactly where to start.

“We need to change education policies in the Arab world to ones that ensure quality learning for our children and that instill in them the true values of religion, patriotism, coexistence, and hard work,” the queen said.

We applaud Queen Rania for actually using her position to do something worthwhile. Keep upstaging Michelle, we love it!

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