Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why spend money at the store when you can be resourceful and make things yourself at home?

This DIY trick will show you how to take a pair of old jeans and turn them into three amazing designs. Two of the three of the designs require a sewing machine; if you don’t have a sewing machine though, don’t worry. The most awesome DIY trick doesn’t call for one.

Take a piece of fabric that’s 15 inches wide and 10 inches tall. You will also need some good fabric glue and a zipper.

Put the zipper in the middle of the fabric. Then start gluing at the top, pulling over the sides. It’s like folding the page of a book. Then glue the sides in by turning the fabric inside and putting glue on the outside. Fold the fabric a bit so that you have a good, solid seal.


After the glue dries, you have a fantastic jewelry or pencil box! Great gift for Mother’s Day.


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