Monday, May 4, 2015

A woman was driving in St. Charles, Illinois when she saw something that no driver wants to see on the highway.

The woman noticed a white van to the right of her swerving uncontrollably as it’s driver showed signs of intense road rage. Knowing something bad was about to happen, her son pulled out his cellphone and hit record.

Just one minute later, the van caused a major accident when it hit several cars before hitting a light pole. The van eventually landed on the side of the road in the woods.

“They need to go to a police station,” the woman can be heard saying before her son agrees, “This guy is crazy.” After looking inside the van, the son confirms what everyone was thinking.

“Yeah, this guy is drunk,” he said. “This guy is wasted.”

The driver was so belligerent that even police had trouble getting him to cooperate with them as they arrested like him. People like this need to be kept off the road forever!

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