Friday, May 15, 2015

51-year-old Steve Easton recently saw something very strange come out of his nose during a sneezing fit, while he was sick with a fever.

The object was reportedly a toy dart.

Easton had no clue how the dart had gotten there.

Soon thereafter, the man talked to his mom about the experience. She told him that when he was seven, he inhaled the dart. He had been taken to the hospital but doctors were not able to remove the object — they had assumed Easton had swallowed it. Apparently, Easton had no memory of the doctor’s visit.

44 years later, the dart was confirmed as having been in his nasal cavity.

Easton’s mother said to reporters, “There was just one of these darts without a tip. I took him to the hospital and they spent a lot of time looking for it but in the end they said perhaps it was a mistake. I knew it wasn’t and it’s always worried me and now it has suddenly shot out. We are all shocked.”


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