Thursday, May 28, 2015

Suey Park is a racist feminist who prides herself on being a “social justice warrior.” During a recent appearance on Huffington Post Live, however, Park went too far, and anchor Josh Zepp did not hesitate to let her know it!

Park was on the show to discuss the #CancelColbert hashtag which she started about television host Stephen Colbert. Zepp was explaining what happened when Park continually interrupted him, so he finally allowed her to speak.

“I feel like it’s incredibly patronizing for you to paint these questions this way especially as a white man,” Park said. “I don’t expect you to be able to understand what people of color are actually saying with regards to #CancelColbert. He has a history of making judgements…”

Stunned, the anchor couldn’t bare to let her go on.

“Suey, being a white man doesn’t prevent me from being able to think and from me being able to have reasonable perspectives on things. I didn’t give up my right to be able to have an intellectual conversation when I was born,” he said humiliating her on live TV.

Backed into a corner, Park mumbled that white men always talk over her to assert their dominance, but Zepp wasn’t having any of it.

“No one’s minimizing your experiences,” he told her. “No one is minimalizing your right to have an opinion. It’s just a stupid opinion.”

Liberal race baiters love to pretend that they are “open minded,” but in reality they are more racist than virtually any other group!

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