Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When Army reservist Cassie McEue recently woke up in her Evanston, Wyoming home, she was stunned by what she found had been done to her house.

During the night, McEue’s home had been plastered with anti-military graffiti filled with hate at her for daring to try to serve her country. Comments on the house included “f*** the military” and “die for what?”

McEue quickly posted photos of the vandalism on Facebook, adding the caption, “I’ve been attacked, and the vandal can’t spell. Apparently I’m a ‘soilder’ instead of soldier.”

Residents of Evanston were stunned by what had happened.

“This makes no sense. It’s something we can’t get our minds around right now. I’m without words,” said local Mayor Kent William. “It’s absolutely out of character for our little community. I’d like to believe we’re as patriotic as any community can be. This kind of thing just isn’t us.”


Neighbors quickly showed up at McEue’s home to help her remove the horrific words. Local businesses also provided free cleaning supplies as well as food for the volunteers. Though McEue was offered money to pay for the damages, she has decided to put these donations towards an even bigger cause.

“There is no go fund me account, and that’s ok I am able to work and eventually I will earn the money I need,” she said. “There is a donation fund for a reward to capture the vandal and once donations have met the limit of the reward the extra money collected will go to a charity I picked called Grace After Fire. The charity helps women veterans help themselves.”

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