Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sickening surveillance footage shows a white teen get taken down hard by a gang of thugs as a crowd of bystanders look on.

The 18 year-old white male was beaten unconscious by three thugs who were later identified as Michael Nichols, 26, Sean Buchanan, 24, and James Currie, 18.

The thugs claimed they were avenging a friend of theirs who was involved in an incident earlier in the day. However, police say the 18 year-old victim had nothing to do with this prior assault. The victim can be seen trying to explain this to the thugs as they approach him, but Nichols quickly knocks him out cold with a brutal punch to the face.

After they knocked the boy down, the thugs continued to stomp on their victim’s head and face before his girlfriend finally rushed to the scene and cradled his beaten body as they waited for police.

Perhaps even more disturbing than the actual assault is the reaction of the crowd, who does absolutely nothing to stop it. Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino said that it took forever for someone to call 911, and when they finally did they did not identify themselves to the operator.

It’s sickening that people could just stand and watch something this disturbing happen without doing anything to stop it.

Thankfully, all three thugs have been arrested for the assault. The victim is said to be in miraculously good health after a brief stay in the hospital. He later told the press that he remembers nothing about the attack.

Unsurprisingly, this case has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, who is busy following race-baiters around the country.

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