Thursday, May 7, 2015

Brandon Valle was studying for his finals in the library at the University of Nebraska at Omaha on Wednesday when he was distracted by a fellow student’s loud cellphone conversation.

When the punk wouldn’t stop talking, Valle politely asked him to go outside if he was gonna stay on the phone. This enraged the thug, and he pulled a knife and began making threats. Unfortunately for him, he was unaware that Valle is a 30 year-old U.S. soldier with 12 years of experience in the military who has received extensive training for situations just like this one.

“He’s screaming out he’s going to kill us and slit people’s throats,” Valle told WOWT-TV, adding that once he “knew it was a threat and this person had crossed a line, it was time to do something about it.”

Valle quickly and easily took the young punk and kept him incapacitated until police arrived. Officers then arrested 20 year-old Leo Labogen and charged him with felony assault and three counts of carrying a concealed weapon, as they found a total of three knives in his possession.


This is not Labogen’s first run-in with the law. Last June, police had to intervene in a violent fight between him and his roommate. Other students who were in the library are grateful to Valle for stopping Labogen before the situation got worse.

“Knowing there are people on campus that are ready to help out and do what’s necessary to keep people safe is a relief,” Jennifer McDanal, who also was studying in the library, told WOWT. “It’s really a blessing.”

Valle, however, doesn’t see what he did as anything special. When asked if he was a hero, he simply grinned and shook his head.

“No,” he said. “Absolutely not.”

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