Thursday, May 7, 2015

For thousands of years, women have been wishing that their arrogant husbands could get a taste of just how painful the process of childbirth is. Now, they finally can.

Two husbands confidently hooked themselves up to a childbirth simulator machine as their wives looked on giddily. The contraction monitor will last for an hour, and the men have no idea what is coming.

“It is the closest thing to labor pain simulation possible and these two guys are in for a big surprise. This video will bring tears to your eyes laughing so hard,” reads the description on YouTube.

“To set the scene: Two guys walk into a doctor’s office to undergo simulated labor pain to prove that women exaggerate the pain,” the description continues. “Next scene: These tough guys are grunting, howling, gasping and making the worst faces imaginable. They are clutching their wives’ hands, rolling over onto their knees, rocking back and forth, panting desperately and begging for mercy. Their wives, meanwhile, look amused, sip coffee and, at one point, high five. Afterward, the ashen-faced dudes admit that, yes, the labor pain simulation was much worse than they’d imagined.”

These men will never belittle their wives childbirth experiences again…


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