Sunday, May 24, 2015

A police officer and his entire family were denied service at an IHOP recently. The hostess at the restaurant reportedly told the officer “we don’t serve your kind.”

The officer’s nephew, Rocco Grieco, said that his uncle walked into the IHOP wearing his uniform.

Grieco posted about the experience on Facebook: “My uncle, who is VBPD, after a long, 12-hour shift, walked into IHOP located at Fordham Drive in Virginia Beach. He was in full uniform. While waiting to be seated, the manager/hostess told him, ‘We don’t serve your kind.’ He simply walked out. This is also a 20 year retired Navy, who served his country, then joined the police department to serve his community.”

Messages started pouring in after Grieco posted his message; many people claimed they will never eat at that IHOP location again.

IHOP spokesperson Craig Hoffman claimed that the situation was “a misunderstanding.”

“It’s a he-said-she-said, and it is a misunderstanding,” Hoffman said. “While we don’t call into question the veracity of the officer, the team member in question claims that is not what happened, and, unfortunately, she was trying to make a lame joke that the restaurant was not open … when it obviously was.”

Hoffman continued, “While I can understand his interpreting that as being unwelcome, that is not what was meant. It is not appropriate for her to have said that. She has apologized, the franchisee has reached out to the officer.”

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