Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We’ve all seen some ridiculous things on Facebook, but this one just might take the cake.

Facebook user Claire, whose last name is wisely being kept anonymous, took to the social media site to post an offensive rant in which she slammed members of the U.S. military. Claire accused soldiers of coming to the coffee stand where she works of wanting her, not the coffee.

Tired of being a “coffee shop sex symbol,” Claire decided to attack the soldiers who risk their lives to protect the pathetic life she leads. There’s no evidence at all that anyone lusted after Claire at the coffee shop, it’s just her selfish perception of herself that has her feeling this way.

Luckily, a veteran named Steve saw the Facebook post, and he quickly stepped in to give Claire a dose of reality.


According to Claire, members of the military don’t have goals in life and aren’t educated. That’s rich, coming from a 10th grade high school dropout!

Look, Claire, just because your life is pathetic, it doesn’t mean everyone else’s is. No matter how much your life stinks, it is the members of the U.S. military who will fight and die for your right to do whatever you please, even post stupid Facebook statuses like this.

We can only say that we applaud Steve for stepping in, and we thank him for his service!

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