Monday, May 11, 2015

In this video, an entitled young woman challenges some U.S. Border Patrol officers before getting the shock of her life.

The footage begins with a girl named Jess Cooke being told by two border patrol agents that she needs to stay put and wait for dogs to come and check her car.

“What are you gonna do, you gonna arrest me?” Cooke challenged the officers, according to The Blaze.

“Your car’s not leaving, you can leave,” the male agent told her, but when Cooke keeps pushing, he threatens, “I’ll spike your tires.”


After Cooke continued to berate him, the officer finally said, “I’m telling you to stand over here out of the way.”

“Go ahead and touch me,” Cooke replied. The young woman was shocked when the agent did that and more as he began to taser her.

“Are you f****** retarded?” she screamed. “Get it out of me now!”

Cooke then whined that she hadn’t done anything wrong, to which another agent replied “you assaulted a federal officer.”

Cooke posted the video to Facebook along with this lengthy caption:

This is what happens when you stand up for your rights against the US Border Patrol when they want to check in your trunk without a warrant for no reason what so ever!!! Yes I could have opened it but I didnt have to!!! This is me today!!! They held me against my will until the K-9 Unit come to check out my car! I tryed to see what was going on after i had to pull over and wait. A MAN pushed me and then threw me to the ground while a WOMAN stood there and tazed me until I stopped screaming!! Then they cuffed and arrested me and put me in the Border Patrol car while they illegally opened my whole car and trunk and searched it!!! ILLEGALLY!!! They had no warrant and no reason to search it!! Oh and in the end the f****** K-9 unit found NOTHING IN MY CAR!!! Now they are trying to put charges on me federally for assaulting an officer when I did it in self defense after he pushed me!!!!! Post this everywhere people I mean it!! Im putting it everywhere! Im not letting them get away with this!! You should see my injuries!!!

Who do you think was in the right here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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