Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Texan Royce Denmon, 69, was driving his RV down the highway along with a passenger when a tire suddenly blew out. This sent their vehicle careening into the median, where it flipped over.

The entire incident was captured on camera by 30 year-old trucker Jonathan Mendel, who filmed it on his truck’s dashcam. He quickly pulled over and pulled 911.

Luckily, Denmon and his passenger were able to escape the RV with minor injuries. The truck they were towing, however, wasn’t so lucky and was extremely damaged.

Lousiana State Troopers were stunned by how quickly the accident escalated, so they shared it on their Facebook page as a warning to other drivers.

“As you watch the video of this crash, please take note of how quickly a crash can occur,” they wrote in the caption.

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