Wednesday, May 13, 2015

For the last few weeks, we have been reporting on the mysterious closings of five Walmarts across the country.

2,200 Walmart employees at five stores in different cities were laid off last Tuesday and given just a few hours notice. Walmart claimed that the stores had to be closed due to plumbing issues, but many have questioned this explanation since all the stores were located in different parts of the country.

Now, it has been revealed that the Great Value brand of bottle water that Walmart sells in bulk actually comes from drought-ridden California. The fine print of the giant water jugs reveals that the water specifically comes from the state capital of Sacramento’s municipal supply.

Water is now a precious commodity in California, where residents have been under strict water control for weeks. Riverbeds in the state are barren and lakes have run completely dry as Californians become more and more desperate.

Walmart, however, is ignoring this and continuing to suck every last drop of water out of the state at the cost of the residents.


“Either they were unaware, uninformed or unintentionally did this,” public relations expert Doug Elmets told CBS13 about Walmart’s water source. “It could be all three of those. Whatever it is, it’s a bad move and they need to correct it and they need to do it quickly.”

Other companies like Starbucks have moved their water sourcing from California to Pennsylvania in the wake of the drought, but Walmart has made no such move.

Walmart makes a massive profit off their California water. Sacramento sells their water to DS Services of America for 99 cents for every 748 gallons, which is the same rate as other companies have. Walmart then bottles and sells the water for 88 cents per gallon, which translates to a huge profit for both Walmart and DS Services, who get $658.24 for every dollar of Sacramento water.

Walmart issued a brief statement after this scandal broke, saying, “We have and continue to work with our suppliers to act responsibly while meeting the needs of customers who count on us across California.”

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