Friday, May 1, 2015

Learning to drive is a right of passage for millions of teenagers across America. A special moment for parents everywhere is the first time they take the passenger seat as they teach their child to drive.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in the Obama house, where Barack and Michelle let their kids roam free and couldn’t care less what they’re doing. Michelle Obama revealed just how little interest she takes in Malia’s upbringing in a recent interview when she revealed who taught the 16 year-old to drive.

“The Secret Service [taught her], actually, because they wouldn’t let me in the car with her,” Obama told television host Rachael Ray in an interview.

Why would the Secret Service not let Michelle in the car with Malia when they travel together all the time? Michelle could have at least sat in the passenger seat and instructed her daughter like a normal parent would, but clearly she couldn’t make the time for her. Not that this would have been much help, however, since Michelle admitted that she doesn’t even know how to drive anymore.

“I barely know now too so I have to check with other sources,” the First Lady said.

This is yet another example of Michelle Obama exposing just how hands-off she is as a parent. In recent months, Malia has been seen traveling the country alone despite the fact that she is underage.

Last summer, Michelle and Barack allowed Malia to take an internship in Hollywood, where the teenager was quickly seen out partying with her older friends. Months later, the Obamas allowed Malia to attend a music festival in Chicago called Lollapalooza, which is known as a wild party fueled by drugs and alcohol. Their, young Malia was involved in a physical altercation with a fellow party goer.

We can’t blame Malia for any of this, she is just doing what teenagers do when they are left unsupervised. Instead, this is her parents fault for showing such a disinterest in her life that she is forced to lash out to get attention.

Maybe Michelle Obama should stop trying to raise our kids, and start focusing on her own.

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