Monday, June 22, 2015

Last week, the nation was devastated when a gunman walked into a church in Charleston, South Carolina and brutally murdered nine people. Obama, however, saw this tragedy as an opportunity to promote his ridiculous anti-gun agenda.

Not even 24 hours after the shooting occurred, Obama publicly blamed the shooting on the Second Amendment. Though the president claimed to be “devastated” by the shooting, hours later he was off to Hollywood for a top-secret dinner with his celebrity mega-donors like Steven Spielberg.

Liberals across the country completely ate up Obama’s speech and immediately began calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment. Some, however, saw Obama’s speech for what it was: a shameless attempt to use an unspeakable tragedy for his own personal gain.

12 year-old CJ Pearson, a young black youtube star, was one of these people. On Friday, he posted a video entitled “God Bless South Carolina” in which he slammed Obama for using the massacre to promote his own agendas.

“Why is some lunatic who clearly lacks a stable mental state representative of every gun-toting American?” Pearson asked Obama, whom he then called “egotistical” and “self-righteous” in the video that has been viewed nearly 450,000 times in just three days.

In an interview with The Blaze on Saturday, Pearson explained that he had founded a group called “Young Georgians in Government” (YGC), which aims to encourage ”young people of all political backgrounds to become involved in our government, support young candidates who decide to run for office, and also fight for solutions to the issues facing young people across the entire state of Georgia.”

When asked if his parents helped shape his conservative views, the boy revealed that they are actually proud Obama-lovers.

“My parents are registered Democrats and vote Democratic down the line,” he said. “They’ll probably vote for Hillary, but they’re big Joe Biden supporters.”

We’re proud of Pearson for having his own mind and not becoming a brainless Obama minion just because his family and friends support him. Keep up the good work, CJ!

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