Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Since winning American Idol in 2004, Carrie Underwood has managed to climb to the top of the Hollywood ladder while also staying true to her conservative, Christian values.

While Underwood is known for being unafraid to express her love for God, many have questioned whether her husband, hockey star Mike Fisher, felt the same way. Though his wife talks about her love for God constantly, Fisher has remained more quiet about his religious views: until now.

In a recent interview, Fisher sat down to reveal just how much his faith in God has changed his life. Fisher was raised in a Christian home, and he credits his belief in Jesus Christ for his success in hockey.

Early in his career, though he was acting like a “good Christian, Fisher admits that his life was a mess. That changed when he attended a Bible study and found himself turning to Luke 9:23-25…

“That was for me, because I had reached my dreams; I had money and everything I thought was cool and it just wasn’t working. And I knew the answer, but I hadn’t been looking for it in the right places. Through a process of just praying and getting in the word with my cousin, my life was changed. For the first time I remember thinking, this is really real. It wasn’t because of my parents. It wasn’t because I was supposed to be in Church. But it became real to me and it didn’t happen overnight, but slowly God changed me on the inside.”

We’re glad to see that Carrie Underwood’s husband loves God just as much as she does!

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